What is a Begonia?

Begonias are one of the largest genera of flowering plants in the world.  There are nearly 1,800 species of begonias and tens of thousands of dazzling hybrids.  Most species are found in the subtropics and tropics of South America and Asia, with a lesser number of species also being found in Africa.  Historically they have been used as medicine and even as food due to their sour taste, but in the past two centuries have risen to popularity as ornamental plants due to their striking foliage and flowers.  In temperate regions such as our own, they are primarily grown indoors.  Begonias are unique in the asymmetry of their leaves.


We are a 501c(3) non-profit dedicated to the study and growing of Begonias and other shade-loving plants.  We host monthly meetings and workshops about Begonia growing, conservation, and technique.   We are a charter branch of the American Begonia Society, which has over 30 branches nationwide and was founded in 1932.

When & Where

When: the last Sunday of the month from 4-6:30pm

Where: Arium Botanicals @ 2045 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Portland OR 97212

There is a medium-sized parking lot at Arium and lots of parking in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Board Members

President & Newsletter Editor – Stephanie Willis
Vice President – Raquel Branscum
Treasurer – Emily L.
Secretary- Deann Orr
National Director -Kenny Wilkerson